3rd East Asian Pacific Student Workshop on Nano-Biomedical Engineering

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Scedule  Nov. 19, 2009 updated.


Programme Overview  |  Final Programme  (PDF 216K)

Time  Monday 21 Dec Tuesday 22 Dec
  8:30-8:45  Welcome Address
  8:45-9:30  Keynote Lecture I  Keynote Lecture III
  9:30-9:45  OS1-1  Biomechanics  OS5-1  Drug Delivery
  9:45-10:00  OS1-2  OS5-2
 10:00-10:15  OS1-3  OS5-3  Biomaterial
 10:15-10:30  OS1-4  OS5-4
 10:30-11:00 Tea Break & Poster Session
 11:00-11:15  OS2-1  Biomechanics  OS6-1  Tissue Engineering
 11:15-11:30  OS2-2  OS6-2
 11:30-11:45  OS2-3  OS6-3
 11:45-12:00  OS2-4  OS6-4
 12:00-13:20 Lunch Break& Poster Session
 13:20-14:05  Keynote Lecture II  Keynote Lecture IV
 14:05-14:20  OS3-1  Bio-MEMS  OS7-1  Others
 14:20-14:35  OS3-2  OS7-2
 14:35-14:50  OS3-3  OS7-3
 14:50-15:05  OS3-4  OS7-4
 15:05-15:20  OS3-5  OS7-5
 15:20-16:00 Tea Break & Poster Session
 16:00-16:15  OS4-1  Biomechanics  OS8-1  Others
 16:15-16:30  OS4-2  OS8-2
 16:30-16:45  OS4-3  OS8-3
 16:45-17:00  OS4-4  OS8-4
 Banquet  Awards Presentation &


Oral Presentations

Oral presentations will be in a format of a 10-minute talk followed by a 5-minute discussion period.

Keynote presentations will be in a format of 45-minute presentation.

Oral and Keynote presentations are to be made using an LCD projector connected to the author's laptop PC. So you will need to bring your own laptop PCs for your presentation. Only standard PC-style VGA connections (D-sub 15) to the LCD projector will be supplied.

Presentor should "Check in" with the session chairman at least 5 minutes before the start of the session.


Poster Presentations

Size of a poster is A1 (width: 594mm, height: 841mm) portrait.



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