3rd East Asian Pacific Student Workshop on Nano-Biomedical Engineering

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Great strides have been made in the field of Bioengineering in the past twenty years leading to the better incorporation of engineering principles in biology and medicine. This field holds tremendous potential in solving medical problems and is one of the most researched areas across the globe today. Nowadays, countries in the East Asian Pacific Rim Region have been developing rapidly, and are confronting serious problems with ageing societies that require innovations in health care and medicine. In this area, Japan has been at the forefront of biomedical technology, producing ground-breaking inventions and publications. Over the last decade, Singapore has emerged as vibrant hub of Bioengineering research at Universities and R&D centres, undertaking disparate activities ranging from chip production to molecular biology.

With the emergence of two R&D hubs in the East Asian Pacific Rim Region, it makes sense to have collaboration between two leading universities of these nations with varied expertise to facilitate better interaction between students and advance the evolution of Bioengineering. GPBE, NUS and GCOE-NanoBME, Tohoku University held 1st and 2nd East Asian Pacific Student Workshop on Nano-Biomadical Engineering in 2007 and 2008. In the 3rd East Asian Pacific Student Workshop, in addition to GPBE and GCOE-NanoBME, Nagoya Institute of Technology (Japan), National Cheng Kung Univ. (Taiwan), National Taiwan Univ. (Taiwan), and Osaka Univ. (Japan) are participate in, and they are striving to solve important bioengineering problems.



The 3rd East Asian Pacific Student Workshop on Nano-Biomedical Engineering will be held at Engineering Auditorium in National University of Singapore, Singapore.
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Graduate Programme in Bioengineering

Division of Bioengineering,
National University of Singapore

Global Nano-Biomedical Engineering Network Centre

Tohoku University Global COE Programme "Global Nano-Biomedical Engineering Network Centre"

National Cheng Kung University

National Cheng Kung University




National Taiwan University

National Taiwan University

Nagoya Institute of Technology

Nagoya Institute of Technology

Osaka University

MEI center,
Osaka University Global COE Program


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