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Music Induced Hearing Loss: Risks and Hearing Health Awareness


今回の開催時刻は 14:30-16:00 となります。

会場青葉山キャンパス 医工学研究科 ナノ医工学研究棟 講堂
Dr. Fei Zhao
(Centre Director, Senior Lecturer, Centre for Hearing and Balance Studies, University of Bristol, UK)

"Music Induced Hearing Loss: Risks and Hearing Health Awareness"

It has been generally accepted that excessive exposure to loud music causes various hearing symptoms (e.g. tinnitus) and consequently leads to a risk of permanent hearing damage, known as noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). Such potential risk of NIHL due to loud music exposure has been widely investigated in musicians and people working in music venues. With advancements in sound technology and rapid developments in the music industry, increasing numbers of people, particularly adolescents and young adults, are exposing themselves to music on a voluntary basis at potentially harmful levels, and over a substantial period of time, which can also cause NIHL. However, because the consequences are not immediate, it is difficult for the young to perceive the seriousness of a problem that may not present itself for many years. Many studies have suggested using advanced audiological measurements as more sensitive and efficient tools to monitor hearing status as early indicators of cochlear dysfunction. The purpose of this lecture is to provide further insight into the potential risk of hearing loss caused by exposure to loud music, and thus contribute to further raising awareness of hearing health. Moreover, it is of vital importance to understand how to best influence and educate adolescents and young adults in a way that will motivate and encourage a change in listening habits.
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