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Repair/Regeneration of Stereocilia of Cochlear Hair Cells


2010年1月22日(金)16:00-17:00 の開催となります。

会場青葉山キャンパス 工学研究科機械・知能系内 
医療工学21COE/REDEEM棟 講堂
Prof. David He
(Department of Biomedical Sciences, Creighton University)

「Repair/Regeneration of Stereocilia of Cochlear Hair Cells」

The senses of hearing and balance depend upon hair cells, the sensory receptors of the inner ear. Hair cells transduce mechanical stimuli into electrical activity. Loss of hair cells or damage to the transduction apparatus, the stereocilium bundle on the surface of the hair cell, as a result of aging or exposure to noise and ototoxic drugs, is the major cause of noncongenital hearing and balance deficits. Studies in the last two decades have demonstrated that lost hair cells can be replaced by production of new hair cells in birds and lower vertebrates. Hair cell regeneration is limited in mammals, but there is evidence to suggest that damaged hair cells may survive and undergo intracellular repair. I will discuss the fate of mammalian hair cells after their stereocilia have been intentionally removed to determine whether hair cells can survive and develop. I will further discuss the possibility of repair/regeneration of lost stereocilia by over-expression of math1. This is highly significant, since exploring the strategies of maintaining, rescuing, and repairing injured hair cells are essential to the biological remediation and prevention of hair cell-related hearing loss and deafness.
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