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Space-Time Finite Element Method and Arterial Fluid-Structure Interactions



会場青葉山キャンパス 工学部機械・知能系内 21COE/REDEEM棟 講堂
滝沢研二 先生
( Research Associate, Rice University, USA )

「Space-Time Finite Element Method and Arterial Fluid-Structure Interactions」

The stabilized space-time fluid-structure interaction (SSTFSI) technique developed by the Team for Advanced Flow Simulation and Modeling (T*AFSM) [1] has been applied to a number of problems, such as FSI modeling of complex parachutes. In addition we introduced the Sequentially-Coupled Arterial Fluid-Structure Interaction (SCAFSI) as an approximate FSI approach in arterial fluid mechanics. In this sequential coupling approach, higher-order accuracy and stable discretization with higher time step size is helpful. This is one of the advantages of the space-time formulation.

The material to be covered in this presentation will include computational results for new parachutes for NASA Orion spacecraft as an example of a challenging FSI problem, benefits of the SSFTSI technique, arterial FSI computations with patient-specific data, and a number of special FSI techniques targeting such arterial computations.

[1] www.tafsm.org
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